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Mobile Technology Solutions of Excellence within reach of your hands!

NYCE Certified company | Moprosoft 2 | 1059-1002
We guide you through the design of your app to break boundaries and exceed your own limits. Start now with your design being ready to sell to investors and customers.
Generate sales immediately using the "Convenios" and "Kune" Apps.


The MoProSoft scheme allows companies that develop software, to demonstrate the capability of its processes and thereby, make them more competitive, to ensure continuous improvement and customer focus.
We are a service company of global excellence that offers solutions to the highest expectations in application development
mobile (apps). 
We are focused on offering you a competitive edge communication technology that will bring you closer to your customers and employees to achieve your business goals. Sell more now and improve the performance of your company.

Global Experience

We have real experience in developing mobile applications for Android and IOS with international quality GUIs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our projects methodologies allow us to ensure compliance with the agreed scope, cost, time and quality.

Human and Personalized Attention

Our values are focused on seeing the human part in any of our customers. In many ways, digitally speaking. We create happiness and passion. Business and personal coaching is included.

Competitive Prices

We seek long term business partnerships, you can have the greatest flexibility in your project to adjust to your needs and maximize your returns.

Our Experience

We are your strategic business partners to solve any need of mobile applications and to development innovative service products for
your company, your customers and your goals.

We keep growing! Every day we evolve for you. By the way we belong to Industrial Cluster:: 


The Best of Us

Specialized Services

Avidos is Vanguard in Mobile Technology Solutions!

Mobile apps

IOS & Android Native Apps

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android native. Dynamics 100%. Includes Data Management and Unique Designs.

Business Advisory

Crystallize Your Goals

We help you to crystallize your business objectives by creating strategic planning and / or measuring the current achievements of your goals to ensure that you achieve consistent success at all times.

Technical Training

For Business Teams

We create the best training for the needs of your team such as Project Management methodologies, Agile Methodology. Includes iOS and Android applications development.

Technological Solutions

Of Communication & Systematization

We create the proposed solution to your problem of communication or systematizing in your processes and / or operations, so, you can focus in growing your business.









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